Blackjack Strategy – Soft Totals

Blackjack allows the Ace card to have a value of either 1 or 11, whichever you prefer. An ace and a card is called a soft total due to it not being a fixed amount.

As an example, an Ace and a 3 in your hand could be worth either 4 or fourteen when the two card values are added.

To understand the best way in which to play your soft totaled blackjack hand, we’ve put together a reference card or blackjack strategy card so you can easy reference it when playing to allow you to make the best play and to optimise your playing strategy.

Should you keep what you’ve got, hit another card or double down? Out blackjack strategy card allows you to see instantly what to do with your soft total blackjack hand.

Either print it off or bookmark this page to allow you quick reference when playing. Why not try out the recommended online casinos featured on this page, they’re an excellent place to try out your new found strategy and can be played for free as well as real money.

Blackjack Strategy Card – Soft Totals – PDF

You can play blackjack in any online casino featured in our casino pages.

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