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Progressive Jackpots

Are you a progressive jackpots fan? Want to know how they work?


Progressive slots offer the biggest Jackpots on the net and are hugely popular with casino players.


The way they work is like this. Progressive slots are very similar to normal slot machines with one major exception – they have jackpots values that continue to tick up until one person wins the total amount. The game has a progressive balance that ticks up continually until won.


As more people play the game, more money is put into the progressive pot and the jackpot for that game just keeps on growing until won and sometimes, depending on the progressive slot game being played the value can reach staggering amounts.


The great thing with progressive slots is that the jackpot often runs over a few casinos, increasing the exposure to the slot machine and making that jackpot climb quicker and higher than ever.


Progressive Jackpots – Current Standings


Below is some of the most well-known progressives and the current pay-out values.