Seven Card Stud Strategy

Seven Card Stud poker strategySince an unknown accountant named Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2003, there has been a worldwide poker explosion, especially combined with the boom in internet sites, with everyone believing that they too can hit the poker jackpot. For the most part, this newfound popularity has been focused on Texas Hold ‘Em, the game played at the Main Event and considered by many to be the “Cadillac of Poker.”

Perhaps lost in the proverbial shuffle has been seven card stud, a poker game of at least equal complexity and potentially greater profitability. This series of Seven Card Stud strategy articles will discuss Seven Card Stud strategy and poker nuances, from the mechanics of basic play to more complex Seven Card Stud Poker strategy plays.

It must necessarily begin, of course, where the game begins.

Seven Card Stud Tips

This article is something of a hodge podge. It is simply a collection of useful playing tips which did not necessarily fit in well in other sections, but are still valuable pieces of information to have at hand.  Keep some of these in mind while playing your seven card stud …

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Seven Card Stud Betting Strategy

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For the purposes of simplification, all game play examples and scenarios will be assumed to occur at $1/$2 stakes table.  At this stakes level, each player antes $0.25 into the pot before the cards are dealt. Seven Card Stud Betting Strategy After the first three cards are dealt to each …

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