Seven Card Stud Strategy

Seven Card Stud poker strategySince an unknown accountant named Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2003, there has been a worldwide poker explosion, especially combined with the boom in internet sites, with everyone believing that they too can hit the poker jackpot. For the most part, this newfound popularity has been focused on Texas Hold ‘Em, the game played at the Main Event and considered by many to be the “Cadillac of Poker.”

Perhaps lost in the proverbial shuffle has been seven card stud, a poker game of at least equal complexity and potentially greater profitability. This series of Seven Card Stud strategy articles will discuss Seven Card Stud strategy and poker nuances, from the mechanics of basic play to more complex Seven Card Stud Poker strategy plays.

It must necessarily begin, of course, where the game begins.

Seven Card Stud Terms

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There are a number of poker terms used throughout our Seven Card Stud Poker articles, and it is not always easy to keep them straight. You also hear poker terms and poker terminology banded about at the tables or in poker magazines. This article provides a simple reference guide to …

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Playing Pairs in Seven Card Stud

The play of pairs of nines and lower gets trickier, as it matters whether your pairs are wired or split. Therefore, play of these pairs will be discussed in two separate sections. Playing Pairs – Split Pairs For the sake of simplicity, it can be said that medium split pairs …

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Seven Card Stud Playing Styles

If you are like a large and ever-expanding portion of the population, you have probably seen some poker on TV. If so, you may have noticed that the same players consistently have success at the top level of poker. Contrary to what some may believe, this not because those players …

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Seven Card Stud Etiquette

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While it may not appear so on the surface, etiquette at a poker table has strategic implications.  No one wants to play with a total poker jerk, and if there is no one to play the game with, then you cannot make any money. Play with class, show some manners, …

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