Poker Strategy

Here you’ll find a range of poker articles and poker strategy guides covering many aspects of playing poker whether it be online or off. Poker, like most other games, is all about practice and learning – it’s what makes all players good although some players who’s developed the right skill set seem to excel.


There’s no reason you can’t be as good as the best of them.


Effort put into your poker play generally equates to you becoming a better player.  One of the best ways to learn is to read all you can relating to poker playing strategy and pick up as many hints and tips as you can.


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Omaha Poker Hands

The possible hands in Omaha are very much similar to every variety of poker. The difference in Omaha is that these 5 card hands must be created using exactly 2 cards out of the 4 cards dealt to the player and exactly 3 cards of the 5 that are shared …

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Perfecting Your Omaha Poker Game

Perhaps the hardest thing to do in Omaha poker is quickly rank how good your hand is compared to the best possible hand. You need to do this quickly, often within a few seconds, otherwise you give away some details about your hand that you might otherwise want to keep …

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Why Play Omaha Poker?

There are lots of good reasons to play Omaha but why play Omaha rather than the other games?  The rules are more interesting and Omaha poker strategy requires a different mind-set that will raise your interest level and thought processes. Omaha players come from a variety of poker backgrounds and …

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Omaha Poker – Starting Hand Selection

Beginner Omaha Poker Strategy – Starting Hand Selection Omaha poker has become extremely popular among poker enthusiasts, as the game offers a great chance for bringing in winnings. However, for this, you should ideally be familiar with a few strategies. One such pertains to the starting hands that are viable …

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