Poker Strategy

Here you’ll find a range of poker articles and poker strategy guides covering many aspects of playing poker whether it be online or off. Poker, like most other games, is all about practice and learning – it’s what makes all players good although some players who’s developed the right skill set seem to excel.


There’s no reason you can’t be as good as the best of them.


Effort put into your poker play generally equates to you becoming a better player.  One of the best ways to learn is to read all you can relating to poker playing strategy and pick up as many hints and tips as you can.


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Poker Dictionary

How to play Poker. Poker Players and Card Rooms use a whole host of different terminology. This poker dictionary will help you play poker by covering the most common used words or phrases that you will see or hear when playing in the online Poker Rooms. Poker Dictionary – Learn …

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Bluffing at Texas Holdem

Bluffing at Poker is commonly misconceived as a great tactic to win loads of money. If you are under this impression then think again, life isn’t that easy and good poker is often harder. How, When and Why – Bluffing at Texas Holdem However, when used correctly, a poker player …

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How to Play Pocket Pairs

The first two cards in your poker hand which the other players cannot see are referred to as your Pocket Cards. Two cards of equal value dealt are called Pocket Pairs and can make a possible winning hand early on in the game and can give you a distinct advantage …

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Calculating Poker Outs and Odds

Knowing the odds of your hand becoming the winning one makes a huge difference when playing poker. One of the most important aspects when playing poker is knowing how to calculate your outs. Knowing whether to continue to play your hand or folding and waiting for the next one is …

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How Do Poker Sites Make Money

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Ok, so you have decided to start playing poker online and have choosen the poker gaming room you wish to download and start playing in. However, one thing is bugging you – whats the catch? What’s the Catch? How Do Poker Sites Make Money With advertising, banners, strategy guides and …

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Move Tables, Win More, Play Smart

I am by no means a mean poker player.  Playing with friends, I’ll win a few, loose a few although I can generally leave at the end of the night a few poker chips to the good.  Whether that’s because I play well or they play poorly is debatable.  We …

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Poker Tournaments Explained


Poker tournaments are competitions where the aim is to win as many of the chips in play as you can. The winner is the player who accumulates all of the chips. There are various forms of poker tournaments available and these have been discussed below. Tournament poker can be played …

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