Omaha Poker Strategy

Omaha poker strategy

Omaha Poker is catching on in popularity online as many Texas Hold’em players want to try something different that requires learning a new set of rules and poker strategy to win. The natural move is to Omaha and learning the game certainly adds a new skill set to your poker talents. This guide will show you everything you need to get started playing the game.

If you want to play in the popular H.O.R.S.E. tournaments, this is one of the games you’ll have to master and we’ve put together a guide to Omaha Poker strategy that will kick-start you playing skills.

Of course there is another good reason for learning Omaha. There are fish aplenty at the tables, just waiting to be beaten as many players really haven’t mastered the skills required to play. Work through the range of articles on offer and catch those fish!

We hope you enjoy these Omaha Poker Strategy articles and rules guides. Feel free to refer back to them when playing to sharpen your skills or check which strategy you should employ when playing. Omaha is one of the most interesting poker games so you should at least try it for a few games and give it a chance. It is different from Texas Hold em but much more rewarding when playing, especially if you’re playing well.

Even if your a real player, it’s worth playing for free for a while to learn the game and find out how to employ the correct strategy in your play.

Advanced Omaha Poker Strategy

Here we look at some advanced Omaha poker strategy to further develop your game and enhance the level of play and your Omaha poker playing skill set. One great way for getting better at calling hands is to practice. Get yourself a deck of cards. Deal to your hand 4 …

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Common Omaha Terms and Meanings

Below is a list of some common Omaha terms that other players will throw around without hesitation. If you want to be respected at the table, you better know what they are saying and know how to throw a few words of your own in. Most of these terms are …

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The Best Omaha Hi-Lo Hands

Previously we discussed the best poker hands for Omaha. The general theme was that each 2 card pair should be useful, and there are 6 such pairings of 2 cards from our 4 total cards. Now with adding in the challenge of making a qualifying low hand, that does complicate …

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Ideal Omaha Poker Hands

Following on from our Omaha Poker Strategy guide to the best Omaha Poker hands, we’ll look at the ideal hands you can get pre-flop. Picking the best hand in Texas Holdem is easy. Since you are only dealt 2 cards, the best hand is clearly being dealt 2 aces before …

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Omaha Poker Hands

The possible hands in Omaha are very much similar to every variety of poker. The difference in Omaha is that these 5 card hands must be created using exactly 2 cards out of the 4 cards dealt to the player and exactly 3 cards of the 5 that are shared …

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Perfecting Your Omaha Poker Game

Perhaps the hardest thing to do in Omaha poker is quickly rank how good your hand is compared to the best possible hand. You need to do this quickly, often within a few seconds, otherwise you give away some details about your hand that you might otherwise want to keep …

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