Poker Rules

poker cardsSo you want to learn how to play poker? It’s easier that you first may think. The poker rules will let you gain a basic understanding of how to play poker and, hopefully, play it fairly well.

If you can decide where best to play after reading our poker room reviews, why not try one or two and play for free? This will give you a good feel for the poker room and coupled with our poker room reviews, you can best choose where to play.

The only way to truly learn the ins and outs of online poker rules is to have a go. If you want to learn poker, this is the best way after reading the rules. Remember, the majority of online poker establishments will allow you to play for free and nothing can match playing with real people for practice and learning poker rules. It’s the best way to learn and fully understand the games.

One thing to remember though, and so you don’t get scared off when playing for free, is that people you are playing with will bet far higher amounts than they would normally do in a paying situation. Practice with the poker rules and articles listed on and you’ll soon know all of the relevant poker rules and strategies to learn poker to win at any table.

Texas Holdem Rules

Texas Hold'em Strategy

Texas Holdem is the world’s most popular Poker game.  Its popularity has made it the game played in the Poker World Championships in Las Vegas each year.  It is easy to learn and with out Texas Holdem rules and a bit of practice; you will be playing great poker in …

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Seven Card Stud Rules

Seven Card Stud poker strategy

Seven Card Stud Poker Rules – A very popular game with poker players and one, which you will find being played in all of the poker rooms, is Seven Card Stud Poker. It is slightly more difficult for the beginner to be successful until they can read a hand of …

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Badugi Poker Rules

Badugi is an exciting and new poker game that’s catching on in a big way online although featured at few sites presently. Badugi poker rules are easy to learn and it’s an action packed game which draws on the exciting elements of poker and combines them with a different psychology …

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Razz Poker Rules

Razz Poker is very basically seven card stud poker but rather than the highest scoring hand winning, the lowest hand wins the pot.  Read on the our Razz poker rules. When playing Razz you are looking for the worst seven card stud hand and A-2-3-4-5 is the best hand possible. …

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Chinese Poker Rules – How to Play Chinese Poker

Chinese poker is becoming more popular online recently. However, most poker rooms, as yet don’t offer it. Don’t let that put you off though as Chinese Poker is a great game to play and has thousands of dedicated players online. Read below for the full Chinese Poker rules. Each player …

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Crazy Pineapple Rules

Crazy Pineapple is a variation of Texas Hold Em with a few twists. It’s not available to play in many of the online poker rooms but it is an exciting game and favoured by beginners and those who just want to play something a little different. Here’s the basic Crazy …

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