Types of Slots – What’s Available in Casinos

If you want to play the slots, then you want to be aware of the types of slots available.  In fact that there are many different slot machines and this doesn’t just refer to the themes.

The fact that you will be able to sift through a variety of designs and slot machines with many different features means you can play on slots which really captivate your interest. It’s what makes them exciting to play.

Most online casinos try to lure you in by offering you different types of online slot machines and you should take advantage of this. You always want to read the game section and see what is realy being offered. We’ve included a link or two to the ones we like most that we think will be of interest so you can read our thoughts on them.

types of slots

Slot Types and Differences

Let’s look at the different types of slots machines so you know what it is you are looking at:

Classic Slots : If you want to enjoy some classic slot machines, you won’t have any problem finding them at just about all of the online casinos.

Classic slot machines are more familiar to some people and this makes them look forward to having the chance to play them online. A classic slot machine generally has three reels and between one to five pay lines.

There are also plenty of online casinos that offer classic slots games, like the Lucky 7 slot, have a look at one and see how many you recognise!

Video Slots : If you are looking for slot machines that offer you adventure and a lot more chances to win, then you should pay attention to the video slot machines.

They come in a large amount of themes and tend to be a lot more interactive. Video slot machines are generally 5 reel slot machines with anywhere from one pay line to as many as twenty or more.

This means you will have a lot more chances to see those wins you are looking forward to. The video slot machines tend to have many more features and excellent bonus rounds. They are also known for their superior graphics.

Blade Slot and Dino Might are all really good versions of video slots.

Progressive Slot Machines: If you really want to bring excitement to your online gaming experience, then learn all about the progressive jackpot slot machines and give them a try!

A progressive jackpot slot machine will also be very easy for you to locate on an online casino and they offer the chance for you to win the big bucks.

A progressive jackpot slot machine collects a percentage of money wagered on it and pays that jackpot out to the lucky player that wins!

This is a brief introduction to the types of slots available to play, now check out the slots on offer.


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