Learning About Live Dealer Casino Games

Playing casino games online offers a level of convenience to players, since they can login from their own homes and play anytime it’s convenient, and while casinos do tend to offer a fairly complete gaming experience, there’s one major thing missing – that level of human interaction.  Sure, players can at some casinos chat with fellow players and play against them at the tables and slots, but there’s no visual contact when everything takes place through type and text.  Casinos that offer live casino dealers provide an experience that is that much closer to stepping foot in a brick and mortar casino for players who just can’t get themselves there.

How Live Dealer Games Work

With Live Dealer Casino games, players logon to play just as they would for any other online casino game; but the difference here, is instead of sitting down to play Blackjack or Poker against a nameless and faceless computerized dealer who sets the game in motion, players watch a live video feed of an actual dealer. Players with a computer that has a strong and fast internet connection can play Live Dealer games, since it requires them to be able to download and stream the video feed directly from a casino in real time. Casinos stream live video of dealers handing out cards so players feel like they’ve got a real dealer running their game.

Live Dealer Casinos

How a Live Dealer Enhances the Casino Experience

Playing with a Live Dealer offers a more realistic feel that’s similar to playing in a brick and mortar casino. Many of the websites that offer this unique feature also have live chat where the dealer can interact with the players, and the players can take the chance to speak with each other, just as they would when playing at a real casino. Many players also believe that when playing with a Live Dealer, they might have better odds of winning; although computer dealing is completely random, some think that perhaps the card sequences are pre-set online which they can’t be when there’s a real dealer handing out the cards. Beyond this, playing with a live dealer has no additional benefits; gaming strategy and rules are all the same as they are when playing on an automated online software program.

Where to Play Live Dealer Games

It’s a great website feature for online casinos and poker rooms, but they are harder to come across since hiring a dealer to hand out cards to players online comes with a cost that doesn’t apply when the automated software is allowed to run the games. To find a casino that offers Live Dealer Games, search for “live dealer casinos” using your favorite search engine, and pay them a visit to see exactly what they have to offer.

Playing live dealer games are all about getting a unique experience, so make sure you’ve got a fast internet speed and operating system and then get ready for what is arguably the most realistic gaming experience you’ll get online.

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