How to Choose an Honest Casino

There are thousands of casinos operating online in the internet gambling world today.

It has been estimated that out of this only about 50% of the casinos are honest casinos where reliability and trust are at the forefront of their online operations. A selection of the most reliable online casinos can be found within the pages of

The other 50% deceive their players in one way or other. The first question that comes into the mind of a player stepping forth into a casino is whether the casino is an honest and secure casino, be it a land based casino or an online casino. For a newcomer in the gambling world, this turns out to be a very difficult question to answer without first getting your fingers burned. There are a large number of gambling sites and all of them are highly attractive with their wonderful bonuses, proficient looks and sumptuous designs, all set out to entice the gamer in. Thus it turns out to be difficult to pick the honest casinos from the fraudulent ones. Before choosing a casino, a player is advised to check a few factors about the casino to check if the casino is a secure and honest casino.

The first factor that can be assessed when choosing an honest casino is to check for the licensing of the casino. Land based casinos are mostly profoundly regulated. They are subjected to strict federal laws but in the world of online casinos, a number of them exist without licensing. These unscrupulous online casinos take advantage of their players by not paying the winnings of its players and also use deceptive software that trick its players.

There are a number of online casinos which make use of corrupt software which enable the casino to cheat the players. They decide manually who win and who will loose. It is necessary to check the credibility of the software before deciding to play at a casino. To decide on honest casino software, there are some well established software providers like MicroGaming, Odds On gaming, PlayTech, Boss Media, Real Time Gaming and Cryptologic.

Finally check if the casino offers customer service through phone, live chats and email. This should be available at any time of the day, 365 days of the year. Before beginning to play at a casino, it is advisable to enquire with the customer support about the casino, the games on offer and how player bonuses work.

It is also necessary to check the casinos withdrawal and deposit terms. Check if the casinos pay out instantly. Some casinos try to delay the payout to keep the cash in their coffers for a bit longer. In some cases this can run to weeks although it is normally a few days. Many good casinos offer instant payouts or next business day. You’re safer sticking with the casinos that pay straight away or very quickly before depositing.

Finally check out if the site is well structured and you can also check the payout percentages on a large number of the honest casinos. Honest casinos are those that are established and want their players to come back againg and again. They want to to play as a long term player and these will go out of their way to keep you, the player, happy. It’s in their best interests over the longer term.

So sometimes it is easy to choose out honest casinos from the fraudulent ones and sometimes it’s not so easy. Being online, you’re never quite sure who you’re really working with. Here at the casinos are all reviewed and vetted for you, taking the strain away. So choose one of our featured casinos and you’ll sleep sound with the knowledge that your funds and personal details are secure and with a recommended online casino.

Enjoy your play online. Now, go and choose one of our trusted sites!

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