Is Online Gambling Legal?

Most online gambling is restricted to the legal age of 18 in most countries although in some it is 21.   In the UK it’s 18.

Before playing, make sure what the legal age is in your area or country.

Online gambling is legal in most of the countries around the world although due to various reasons, some countries have said that online gambling is illegal.  In years gone by there were a lot of unscrupulous characters running online gaming sites but thankfully these have diminished – you have to be wary though.  This is where a site like ours help you.  We only list well know, licensed and trusted sites – taking the worry away.

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The US press runs a lot of articles discussing the legalities of online gambling and discussions whether online gambling is legal or not.  These discussions will go on for a long time yet but recently a ban on online gambling was put in place for US based players. Whether or not this helps is hard to say.  It certainly helps some but often drives illegal activity into other areas.

The UK on the other hand actively allows legal gambling and actively promotes it, as do many other countries.  However the UK is rather unique in that it’s taken the bull by the horns and makes a lot of effort in ensuring that the casinos advertising and allowing play by UK players are regulated and properly licensed.  Of course, they also ensure they get a fair share of the profits!!  A much better system all round, giving players legal protection and raising some worthwhile revenues for the Exchequer at the same time.

So, Is Online Gambling Legal?  The moral of this is to check before playing no matter which country you are in. accepts no responsibility for the laws relating to your country of residence.

Use only fully regulated and licensed casinos and gambling sites when playing online and never lose more than you can afford and are happy to.

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