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Wanna learn how to play better blackjack by using our Blackjack Strategy tools?

They’re freely available to view or print to help you increase you chances of winning and lower the house edge to the minimum possible.

So, we’ll assume by the fact that you’ve read this far, you want to play better blackjack. One of the first and most crucial things to do before playing, if you don’t know the basic rules, then learn them. This may sound a little silly but you would be surprised how many people start playing without knowing what they are doing. If you don’t know the rules read our Blackjack Rules page first.

We’ll go onto look at some some of the basic terms you’ll need to fully understand the concepts behind blackjack strategy. Don’t worry, it not heavy reading, just a few pointers.

Blackjack Terms

Soft Totals or Soft Hands – A soft hand is where you are dealt a Ace and another card, due to the value of the second card, the Ace can either have the value of 1 or 11.

Hard Totals or Hard Hands – Where the two cards dealt have a fixed value or where the Ace card cannot be used as an 11 as it would put the total of your hand over 21.

Splitting Pairs – In blackjack pairs can be split, however blackjack strategy sometimes it is not wise to split the pair and sometimes it is. Our strategy card for splitting pairs will help you decide.

Now you know the basic terminology you’ll find using our blackjack strategy tools, you’re ready to put them into practice. See the following pages where you can find and print out our blackjack strategy cards which, if you use them exactly as they recommend, over the long term, the house edge will be reduced to practically nil and you should see some excellent returns when you hit a winning streak.

Blackjack Strategy Cards

Blackjack – Soft Totals
Blackjack – Hard Hands
Blackjack – Splitting Pairs

Remember that these blackjack strategy cards are to be used for a normal game of blackjack as found in any online casino. Of course, you can never beat the house edge but playing basic blackjack strategy can improve your chances of winning.

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