Vegas Strip Blackjack

With so many types of blackjack out there, it can be difficult for a player to choose just one. One of the fun and exciting types of blackjack players will want to try their hand at is called Vegas Strip Blackjack.

Bring the Vegas Strip into your home with this exciting game based on high roller gambling deep in the heart of the Nevada Desert. This type of blackjack is much like Vegas Downtown blackjack and Atlantic City blackjack, but with a few differences.

In the game of Vegas Strip blackjack there are some advantages and some disadvantages.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

One of the advantages the game of Vegas Strip blackjack has is that the dealer will stand on a soft 17.

Another one of the advantages it has is that the player will be able to double down on any two cards.However, the downside is that the players will not be allowed to surrender their cards.

One of the things a lot of blackjack players like about Vegas Strip blackjack is that it tends to be player friendly and it offers the house only a small house edge. This blackjack game can also be found at some of the great online casinos and it has become quite popular with blackjack players from all over.

Rules of Vegas Strip Blackjack

  • The dealer will stand on a soft 17;
  • Player can double after a split;
  • Player can double on any first two cards;
  • Players can re-split three times to create four hands;
  • Aces cannot be re-split;
  • The dealer peeks for blackjack;
  • If the dealers up card is an Ace, insurance is available;
  • Players cannot surrender.

This is just one of many variations of blackjack, but it has become familiar with players online. When players are looking for a good place to play Vegas Strip blackjack, they want to be sure they take advantage of the perks and rewards some of the more popular and well respected online casinos offer such as superb graphics and sound, impressive bonuses, and exciting promotions.

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