Multihand Blackjack

If you like the game of blackjack, then you will feel right at home playing the game of multihand blackjack since it is makes use of all the same rules as traditional blackjack.

Of course there is a difference and as the name implies, you can play multiple hands at a time.

The main difference in multihand blackjack is players are able to play as many as five hands going at a time and they will be playing each one of them independent from the others. In this game both the dealer and player will be dealt two cards in five separate positions on the table.

The object is to get cards that come closer to the count of 21 than the dealer gets. However, the player can’t go over a count of 21.

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Multihand Blackjack

Here are the main rules with regards to the game of multihand blackjack:

  • Several decks of 52 cards each will be used;
  • The dealer will stand on 17’s;
  • Doubling not allowed after splitting;
  • Resplitting is not allowed;
  • There are no surrenders allowed;
  • When a pair of Aces is being split, only a single additional card is allowed;
  • Each one of the hands needs to be finished before moving on to the next hand.

When it comes to how to play the game, each one of the five hands will be played very similar to how they are played in regular blackjack. This is something that has made multihand blackjack become very popular with blackjack players. They like the fact that they already know how to play the game, but now they can enjoy five times more fun each time they play.

Online blackjack can be a bit slow if playing with other players and multihand give you the chance to control the entire table.

Multihand blackjack has caught on and gathered a lot of attention from blackjack players from all over, it allows them to significantly multiply the amount of fun they can have playing blackjack and gives them more chances to win; something players always look forward to.

There is one important factor which needs to be pointed out. Even though this game is just like regular blackjack, the rules can slightly vary depending on where it is played, just as some of the rules of regular blackjack can vary. For this reason, a player always wants to have a full understanding of the rules for a particular casino before they begin playing the game there.

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