Blackjack Switch

Blackjack games come in many different styles, making it great for players that like the idea of changing games every now and again and Blackjack Switch is becoming one of the more popular blackjack variants attracting players.

blackjack switch table

Blackjack Switch Guide

One of the things a lot of blackjack players like about Blackjack Switch is it allows the players to do what would normally be thought of as a cheat move.

There are a lot of players that like this and find it adds to the fun, they like the idea they will be able to do something which is usually unacceptable. The aspect of the game that makes it exciting is the player is allowed to trade cards between two hands.

However, the player will be required to make two bets which are the same size and then they are able to switch a second card to each hand. One thing the player will see is if the dealer gets a 22 in this game, it will result in a push against all of the non-busted hands and it will pay out even money.

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Here are the other rules regarding the game of Blackjack Switch:

  • The dealer hits on soft 17;
  • The player is required to place two same sized bets;
  • The cards are dealt facing upwards;
  • The dealer peaks with a ten value card or an Ace up;
  • A dealer blackjack results in an instant win unless another player holds a blackjack, and then there will be a push;
  • The player can switch a second card;
  • The player can double down on any two cards;
  • The player can double down after a split;
  • The player can re-split for as many as four hands;
  • If a player splits for a blackjack it is only counted as a 21 and not a natural blackjack.

blackjack switch table

Blackjack Switch has gathered quite a bit of attention from blackjack players from all different regions due to the fact that it is a good game of blackjack, but it has that added element which calls to them.

This version is quite popular with online players and a lot of the online casinos have decided to add it to their list of available blackjack games because they understand that a great game can make them stand out from the pack.  Many players head online looking for it.

This is a game for rule breakers that know all about the excitement of doing something that feels a bit on the edge. One of the most popular blackjack variants and probably deservedly so.

Basic Blackjack Switch Strategy

  • Dealer always hits on a Soft 17
  • Blackjack pays even money or 1/1
  • Two hands are played where the top cards can be switched
  • All doubles and splitting allowed
  • Dealer pushes on 22 (except blackjack will still win

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