Blackjack Surrender

Blackjack Surrender is not offered at a whole lot of casinos, so it is one of the less known blackjack terms out there. Even players with a lot of blackjack playing experience may not have ever heard of the term surrender. However, Blackjack Surrender is gaining more popularity these days.

Blackjack Surrender is also becoming a little easier to find in some of the land based casinos as well. You can play Pontoon at Vernons one of the leading UK online casinos and well known for their football pool operations.

Read on for the rules of the game, but you can play here if you want to dive right in:

blackjack surrender

Blackjack Surrender Rules

When players are playing in a game of blackjack which offers the surrender rule, the players will be allowed to surrender their hand when up against certain dealer combinations.

One of the reasons why surrender may be beneficial for a player is due to the fact that they will get back half of their original bet. In order for the player to have the surrender as an option, the first two cards must have been dealt. There are two different types of surrender in blackjack. There is an early surrender and a late surrender.

During the early surrender, once you accept the choice to surrender, half of your bet will be takes, half will be returned to you, and the cards will be retrieved.

During a late surrender, your wager will be marked. Then, the dealer will show you their cards. If the dealer has a blackjack, then they will take your entire bet. If the dealer does not show a blackjack, then you will get half of your original bet back.

This means that an early surrender is better, but it will be dependent on what the online casino offers as to which one a player uses.

The player will need to decide if they are going to surrender after they have received the second card. If other actions are taken after that second card, then the player gives up their right to choose to surrender.

Blackjack Surrender is an interesting take on the game of Blackjack and adds another dimension to normal play. One of the variants of the game that’s becoming more and more popular, probably due to it adding something extra to the game making Blackjack Surrendermore exciting to play than traditional blackjack.

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