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Jackpot Joy is the perfect location to bring a little joy into your life. After all, who wouldn’t be joyful at seeing Barbara Windsor’s face beaming through their computer screen?

Alright, so that might be taking it a little far, but at least the site has some form of celebrity endorsement.

That being said, it’s probably considered one of the United Kingdom’s most known online bingo sites, with television commercials and billboard posters in full view across the country. The platform has been in existence since 2002, and is owned by the Gamesys Group, which is part of the reason why it’s so successful.

Longevity, a secure software company, as well as a well-known figurehead to represent you will get you a long way in the gaming industry.

The Visual Appeal of Jackpot Joy

Apart from the fact that the company’s celebrity figure is the first thing you’ll be greeted with upon loading up the site, everything else there is very much pleasing to the eye. Various shades of blue grace the home page, merging beautifully with the plain white, and the other big thing you’ll notice there is the fact that they’re very determined to get players to sign up, with their welcome offer shown in huge type.

This promotion is a 250% bonus up to £250 on top of your first deposit of £10 or more. This is but one of the features of the main page though, as you’ll also have a very handy navigation bar down the left hand side of your screen, while payment methods and a few details on popular games and winners can be found at the very bottom.

Choice of Games

Being one of the more popular online bingo sites, Jackpot Joy has some of the more intriguing and well-developed products to offer to its players. In regards to its bingo, there are such specialities as ‘Take Me Out 75-ball, which takes its basis from the television show of the same name, ‘Bingo Royale’, offering up a room with a cartoon version of Barbara Windsor in tow, and the standard 90-ball and 75-ball options that just about all platforms provide.

In addition to the bingo games on offer, players can also take part in various different casino games, including slots and scratch cards. There are also jackpots included on the site, with the highest paying ones being displayed down the right hand side of the games screen. Titles like ‘Wonderland’ and ‘Super Snap!’ are both included in this section.

Player Offers
Games Selection
Look and Feel

There aren't many other online gaming platforms that are able to say they have a well-known and liked star to advertise their product for them. This already gives the site an enhanced status. However, the fact that it has such a welcoming and pleasing layout as well as a strong selection of games on the whole only adds to that appeal.

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