Where to Play Bingo

Playing bingo games, whether they be the 75 ball version found in some countries or the 90 ball version, very popular in the UK, is a pastime enjoyed by millions of people around the World.  The excitement of possibly winning a prize as the bingo numbers are called out and you check them off is entertaining and the social aspect of bingo has always added to the game’s popularity. Where to play bingo is a question often posed though.

With the advent of online bingo, sites have opened up a new method of playing bingo at a time which suits them and allows people who were unable, for whatever reason, to join in and enjoy the excitement of a bingo game from the comfort of their own homes.

However, like everything else in this World, there are some drawbacks to playing bingo games online and like any other business, there’s the good bingo sites and the not so good.

Where to play bingo?  Which site should you be playing in?

Choosing a reliable bingo site with a good reputation is much easier than it used to be as most are getting their act together and many are also now under government regulation. However there are still a few out there that can be fairly unscrupulous when taking your cash.

So how should you go about choosing a good bingo site in which to play? Let’s take a look at a few main pointers you should be looking for when choosing which site to plump for.

First off, lets have a look at gaming and more specifically gambling regulation. Here I’ll assume the you live in a country that allows gambling online. Most online bingo sites are regulated in some way by the authorities in which the bingo site is located. However, some standards of regulation leave a lot to be desired and to be honest, some do very little.

To ensure customers are getting a fair deal, in 2007, the UK Government started to allow gambling companies to advertise on TV, legally in magazines, and the like. However, before a company is allowed to advertise, they have to be located in a country which adopts a set of standards and is regulated and regularly checked for fairness, customer service, etc.

Due to the EEA countries imposing good standards, the UK have said that if a bingo site is located within this area and is controlled by the standards laid down here then they can legally accept players and advertise to gain new customers.  EEA countries include, all EC countries, Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein.  Due to the framework in place, playing through a site based in this area is good practice when choosing a bingo site and ensures a good level of fairness and standards for players.

Now we’ve looked at the countries where we know we’ll be getting a fair shot, we still need to choose where to play bingo.  How do we narrow the choice to get a bingo site that suits us?

Word of mouth and personal recommendations are always a good place to start when choosing which bingo site to play with. These recommendations can come from other players, if you know any, of more likely from a bingo portal site like this one or more bingo specific sites like Bingo UK. There are many portal sites online that produce bingo site reviews and recommendations for players and these sites are probably the best way of making an informed choice of where to play bingo online.

The added attraction of the portal site route is that they also explain, in simple English, how to play and how to get started without any fuss, basically, the bingo rules. News and updates are available regulary to keep you up to date with what’s going on in the bingo world and let you know about new games and other items of interest to the discerning bingo player.

When browsing the pages of the sites mentioned about, you may also want to look out for the bigger brand names that offer bingo. These big brands generally have a big reputation to keep and so want to make sure players are happy, stress free and looked after.

You may also be looking for a themed bingo site, of which there are a few, these themed sites have graphics, sounds and text games that match the theme they are following. These themed bingo sites aren’t as common as say, casino sites, but there are a few and you may wish to try them out if you find a theme that interests you.

No matter which bingo site you prefer, check back to the portal sites regularly for updates and assistance. Many like Bingo Genius, offer bingo forums to chat with like-minded players where you can swap experiences, discuss the games you like, and dislike or just chat about life in general.

Choosing which bingo site to play is fairly easy, providing you check out other recommendations before choosing where to play but try out a few initially, for free if you wish, before deciding on which site makes you feel most comfortable and relaxed in.

Good luck and happy bingo!

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